Bonjour Encore!

After writing my incredibly long “Two Weeks in Provence ” how was I to know
that the greatest tragedy had yet to occur!

On Sunday morning Alexander arrived to finish the studio floor but he
looked agitated and kept talking on the phone.  When I asked what was wrong
all he kept saying was:

“Merde, merde, merde!”

Bonsai was keeping a low profile.

My quick brain deduced things were not good.  After asking a few questions
I learned it didn’t have anything to do with my house.  Small miracles!
What could be so bad then?

It seems his ex-wife was returning from the disco at 6am and drove her car
right through a restaurant.  Terror struck my heart when Alexander said,
“The Bistrot des Alpilles”.  How could this have happened?  My favorite
restaurant and Sebastian, too!  Why did she have to drive through THAT
restaurant?  The Bar Tabac next door is terrible (evidently, so is her
driving).  No more Sancerre and saumon fume?

Could life get any harder?  Alexander was right – Merde!

By the way, his ex-wife is OK.  Some banged up knees and a bump on the
head.  The 2 others in the car are about the same.  Now the police are at
my house talking to Alexander because it seems there was alcohol involved.
At least the Gendarme know where I live now!  All will be fine – as
Alexander says, at least there is no “mort” (dead).  Personally, I think he
is mourning the loss of the brand new car she was driving.

But alas, last night the Bistrot des Alpilles was closed for business and I
wandered off to Hotel des Arts.  I ended up meeting 3 drunk ladies in
their 60’s and their male escort Pierre who kept jumping up from the table
to check the sports scores.  They laughed so hard that everyone around them
started getting involved in their conversation.  Quite the life of the

They invited me to Avignon this Friday for the festival of theatre.  They
have a grand house with 8 bedrooms – Pierre kept furnishing this
information with a wink of the eye.  Hmmmmm.  Never mind that I won’t be
able to understand any theatre in French but I don’t think I can keep up
with the drinking that these Madames seem to do.

I pine for Sebastian and will hope the Bistro des Alpilles will open soon.

On the bright side the plumber actually showed up this morning!

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